Water Intake Risers (WIR)

The floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG) units require large volume of cold sea water, to boost the gas liquefaction process efficiency. In order to reach seawater sufficiently cold, seawater intake riser systems are typically 120 – 300m long and designed for a minimum service life of 25 years.
GMC’s weldable connector material permits high strength and fatigue resistant large OD joints to be pre-fabricated in an onshore based workshop and them assembled safely and quickly offshore into full Water Intake Riser (WIR).
Assembling WIR’s offshore with patented fatigue resistant connectors and 100% shop controlled welding guarantees the maximum level of reliability and reduces offshore construction time.
Based on modern analysis techniques, GMC’s Water Intake Riser design is highly optimised to reduce stress concentrations and improve performance in both standalone and bundled configurations.
GMC’s WIR connector is guaranteed to beat the competition on performance, price, and delivery lead times.
The GMC connectors used for Water Intake Riser (WIR) applications provide the following benefits:

  • Non rotational make up
  • Low connection make up time
  • Retrievable for maintenance and inspection.
  • Reusable connections.
  • Suitable for large diameter applications (48+”)
  • No Elastomers (Multiple metal to metal seals)
  • Manufactured from corrosion resistant alloys
  • Extremely Fatigue resistant (10 x better fatigue life Versus welded)
  • Field proven in high load, high fatigue applications.
  • HDPE or Steel