SPE Offshore Europe 2017

November 1, 2016 Events, News

GMC submits papers to SPE Offshore Europe 2017.
Pending approval, GMC plans to present two papers on our Low Cost Pipeline Installation and recent Caisson Replacement Solution.

Abstract:  Lowering the Cost of Pipeline Installation Using GMC Mechanical Connectors
Objectives/Scope: GMC Limited’s concentric thread mechanical connectors are developed and qualified to ISO 21329 for offshore pipelines and risers. The connector design consists of a conical box and pin with interlocking concentric grooves and redundant metal-to-metal seals. Instead of make-up by screwing, it is designed to “snap” together under simultaneous axial clamping and hydraulic pressure in the thread annulus. After make-up, the connector cannot unscrew, back-off or loosen under dynamic loading and/or thermal cycling.
Methods, Procedures, Process: Recent ISO qualification tests and modern FE analyses were used to identify and design significant improvements. These improvements include: preloading of ID and OD abutment shoulders; elimination of a small gap at the connector ID; elimination of hot spot stresses; and lockout of any box-pin slippage due to extreme torque loading.
Results, Observations, Conclusions: The improved concentric thread design has approximately 10x more fatigue life than a field-welded pipeline. It is also leak-tight and stronger than the pipe body in destructive testing, i.e., bending, tension and hydrostatic pressure to failure. These improved connectors enable pipeline construction with lighter, high-strength steel, or with corrosion resistant cladding.
Since connected pipe joints are completely fabricated onshore, off the critical path (in double, triple or quad joints), special materials and fabrication processes have no impact on pipelay rates. The improved concentric thread connector is now qualified and project ready for deepwater Steel Catenary Risers, Oil Offloading Lines and subsea pipelines in locations, such as, the Gulf of Mexico, West Africa, Brazil and the North Sea.
Novel/Additive Information: Pipelay with concentric thread connectors may be done faster with lower cost modular systems in lieu of mobilizing welding pipelay vessels with high cost day rates. Installation with mechanical connectors would simplify the construction process and significantly speed-up the overall operation. Also, since offshore welding and NDT would be eliminated, the overall spread costs would be reduced.spe-oe-2017-1.png







Abstract: Innovation in Caisson Replacements in the North Sea: Reducing Installation Time and Costs
Objectives/Scope: GMC Limited installed its first Fire Water and Sea Water Intake Caisson replacements project in the North Sea. GMC provided completed fabricated caissons, including deadweight support, intake nozzle, ⋯ A further two fabricated caissons are completed and ready to be installed later this year.
Methods, Procedures, Process: The TSA coated X52 pipe, 30” OD diameter, caissons were installed in nine (9) sections using eight (8) sets of GMC’s high fatigue and non-rotational caisson connectors. All connections were made up quickly and efficiently first time.
Results, Observations, Conclusions: GMC’s handling and installation methodology greatly reduced the installation time over conventional installation methods. GMC provided sufficient handling tools to ensure continuous operations were maintained throughout, there by, eliminating delays normally associated in handling caisson operations. This project demonstrates GMC’s competence in providing a complete fabricated caisson with connectors, dead weight support, and guide nose cone, all fabricated and coated to the Clients requirements; as well as, the mobilisation of tools and competent personnel to carry out the critical “make up” operation in connecting the caisson sections safely and efficiently, together in a minimal time.
Novel/Additive Information: The GMC solution eliminates the need for offshore welding of caissons and provides the Client with a safe and efficient fabrication and installation service Overall, GMC’s connected technology delivers considerable cost savings to the Client, whilst also extending the life of aging assets.spe-oe-2017-2.png




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