Stat Marine/Statoil – SRP Offshore/Landfall 42” Crude Oil Pipeline

Perform offshore pipeline lateral stability analysis and create pipeline alignment sheet and trench profile. Work also includes the pipeline thermal expansion analysis for the onshore portion of the proposed 42” pipeline to optimize the onshore pipeline system. GMC also completed pipeline stability analysis, pipeline free span analysis and pipeline alignment drawing and details.In the original design, a massive size of anchor block was designed to restraint the pipeline to prevent the pipeline displacement from pushing the manifold. Detailed screening studies of the pipeline thermal expansion was performed to identify all different options and solutions recommended according to the analysis results. GMC’s solution eliminated the anchor block and used a universal tied expansion joint to reduce stresses on the manifold

  • customer
    Stat Marine/Statoil
  • project name
    SRP Offshore/Landfall 42” Crude Oil Pipeline
  • location
    Bahamas SRP Crude Terminal
  • water depth
    100 meters max. (328.08 feet)
  • year
    2010 – 2011

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