NJSC Chornomornaftogaz – GMC Pride Modular Pipelay Barge

The ‘GMC PRIDE’ is a modular pipelay barge designed for the cost effective and efficient installation of pipelines in shallow water. It was delivered in 2012 following a turnkey conversion from a flat deck barge – GMC’s scope of work included the engineering of the barge and pipelay system, supplying all equipment, and providing on-site shipyard management for the barge conversion and commissioning.

  • customer
    NJSC Chornomornaftogaz
  • project name
    GMC Pride Modular Pipelay Barge
  • location
    Odessa Gas Field, Black Sea
  • water depth
    0 – 80 meters (262.46 feet)
  • year
    2011 – 2012

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