Mining Risers

GMC light weight sea floor mining risers are utilized for recovery of mineral mining ore from seabed to surface. GMC’s snaplay connection enables the riser to be rapidly deployed and connected to the subsea excavation equipment, for recovery of the minerals. The connected riser can be stored on the vessel and installed without the need for any additional vessels or top drive equipment, simply using the vessel crane and GMC’s installation tooling, taking up minimal deck space.


  • Available 8″ – 20″
  • Riser materials X65 (others available on request)
  • Joint length – typically 12m -24m
  • Water depth – 4,000m.


  • No Torque, Re-usable system,
  • Controllable deployment.
  • Suitable for harsh deep water environments.
  • Proven high fatigue connector technology, used for high tensile applications.
  • Fast make / break connection system (less than 2 minutes for final make up).
  • Reduced weight.
  • Non-rotational connection system.

GMC can provide the complete turnkey riser package, including connected riser joints, buoyancy modules, handling and installation equipment.

In addition, GMC can provide the complete derrick facility to handle riser joints with flexible connections from the surface vessel to the seabed machines.

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Download the Seafloor Mining Riser Flyer