HTC Deepwater Technology Symposium- Part 3

December 8, 2015 Events, News

GMC and the Houston Technology Center are preparing for the third installment of the Deepwater Technology Symposium! The Houston Technology Center and GMC have hosted two Deepwater Technology Symposiums featuring industry thought leaders covering a variety of topics including standardization, barriers to innovation, and technology adoption in the SURF industry. The events have been well attended and have highlighted the benefits of new technologies in the SURF industry and how they can be effectively implemented.

The third installment, to be held early 2016, will address the offshore oil and gas industry’s evolving needs in the current industry downturn. With reduced capex and significant reductions in R&D budgets, operators are focusing their investments on new technologies that are both enabling and cost saving.

Stay tuned to for more announcements about HTC’s Deepwater Technology Symposium!