GMC Makes a Splash in the North Sea with Connected Seawater Caissons!

August 11, 2016 News

GMC Limited is proud to announce the safe and successful installation of a seawater caisson in the North Sea; eight (8) days ahead of schedule!

This is the first installation that has been carried out by the company in the North Sea; with a further two fabricated caissons completed and ready to be installed later this year.

The TSA coated 30” OD diameter caisson was installed in nine (9) sections using eight (8) sets of GMC’s high fatigue non-rotational caisson connectors. All connections were made up quickly and efficiently first time.

GMC’s handling and installation methodology greatly reduces the installation time over convention installation methods. GMC provided sufficient handling tools to ensure continuous operations were maintained throughout, there by, eliminating delays normally associated in handling caisson operations.

A first for GMC in the UK, this project demonstrates the company’s competence in providing a complete fabricated caisson with connectors, dead weight support, and guide nose cone, all fabricated and coated to the Clients requirements; as well as, the mobilisation of tools and competent personnel to carry out the critical “make up” operation in connecting the caisson sections safely and efficiently, together in a minimal time.

The GMC solution eliminates the need for offshore welding of caissons and provides the Client with a safe and efficient fabrication and installation service that delivers considerable cost savings to the Client, whilst also extending the life of aging assets.


GMC 30” TSA Coated Caissons being prepared for a safe lift.

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