GMC Featured in World Pipelines – October 2015

October 1, 2015 Industry Press

Connecting the Future
Reduce the cost of deepwater developments by expanding fleet use for new pipelaying activities.
Vibor Paravic, GMC Limited

‘The changes in the oil and gas market economics of the past 12 months have shone an unflattering light on the cost of offshore developments. This cost has been hidden by the high price of oil, and the quick time to investment recovery.

With the change in economic climate and overall project economics, many operators are implementing initiatives to reduce the costs of offshore developments. While squeezing the margins in the supply chain can reduce some of the costs, the real prize of significant cost reductions is still elusive.

The next step in cost reduction will come from applying technologies that challenge the status quo of offshore developments. One such technology is the GMC Intelligently Connected Pipe (ICP™) …’

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