GMC – DeepStar Press Release

October 2, 2015 Industry Press, News


Date: 2-Oct-15
Subject: DeepStar Press Release
Client: DeepStar
Job No: 1512


GMC has received an award from DeepStar ( as part of DeepStar Phase XII-B funding. The project titled ‘Testing of High-Strength Mechanically Connected Steel Riser’ will demonstrate the strength and fatigue resistance of high-strength mechanically connected and friction welded pipe for steel catenary riser applications. Full-scale testing will be performed to Industry Standards for risers and pipelines and will include mechanical testing of friction joints, as well as full-scale fatigue testing friction joints and the connector rated for 15Ksi pressure service.

“This project award underscores the urgent requirement in the offshore oil & gas industry to develop cost effective technical solutions for developing deepwater and ultra-deepwater prospects. Completion of this testing will significantly advance the technology readiness level of GMC’s Intelligently Connected Pipe (ICP™). GMC appreciates the support of the DeepStar organization who play a key role in advancing new technologies to solve offshore challenges” said Glen Viau, Chief Operating Officer of GMC Limited.

DeepStar is an innovative, joint-industry technology development project that has established itself as upstream’s longest-running and most successful research consortium. DeepStar is committed to advancing the technologies of our members deepwater business needs in order to increase production and reserves. DeepStar consortium provides a forum to execute deepwater technology development projects and to leverage the financial and technical resources of the deepwater industry. DeepStar Phase XII commenced in January 2014 with twelve Oil Company Participants. DeepStar participants represent a strong mix of large and mid-size operators, USA and non-USA based, drawing in a rich array of diverse expertise to address common deepwater challenges.

GMC ( is a deepwater product, engineering, and project management company providing solutions to the SURF industry. GMC’s family of high strength fatigue resistant mechanical connectors has applications in TLP tendons, pipelines, risers, caissons and well conductors.

This work is funded and performed for DeepStar® (Phase XII 12407) Deepwater Technology Development Project by GMC. GMC would like to acknowledge technical guidance and contributions of DeepStar® X400 Floating Systems Committee and thank DeepStar® for permission to publish the press release.