Conductor Supported Platforms

Marginal shallow-water developments have led to a growing demand for cost efficient wellhead platforms, which enable increased production capacity within existing field infrastructure.
Wellhead platforms, or minimum facilities platforms (MFPs), typically house the surface wellheads, trees, and manifolds, but do not include extensive process or separation facilities.

• The conductors provide structural support to the topsides through axial compression and bending resistance, and support the well casings, wellhead, and surface tree.
• The total conductor length is defined by the water depth at the platform, the topsides elevation, and the foundation piling depth.
• The typical diameter of the conductor used to support the platform is 30” or 36”, with thicknesses ranging from 1” to 2” maximum.

High fatigue snap-together Mechanical connectors are increasingly being use for the conductor supported platforms.

GMC’s Low Cost Strategy

GMC is experienced in working on behalf of operators providing best in class low cost field development solutions. GMC can reduce the project costs by selecting concept and partners to deliver turnkey projects.

Working with the operator and GMC’s industry partners to develop the optimum solution for the client (Lowest cost, fastest time to first oil, best in class design.)

GMC can act as “operators Project Management and Engineering team” to deliver the turnkey project with an integrated proven contracting strategy, on time and within budget.

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Photo supplied courtesy of Aquaterra Energy.
Photo supplied courtesy of Aquaterra Energy & 2H Offshore.
Photo supplied courtesy of 2H Offshore