Completion & Workover Risers (CWOR)

GMC offers international industry standard Completion Riser’s and Workover Riser’s connectors designed and tested to ISO 13628-7:2005, Petroleum and natural gas industries — Design and operation of subsea production systems — Part 7: Completion/workover riser systems (equivalent API standard; API RP 17G 2nd Edition, July 1, 2006). GMC is proud to offer a variety of connector sizes suitable for risers 5 1/8” to 24” bore diameters, bespoke connectors are also available on request.

The compact nature of the connector design (minimal OD) of the GMC connector offered as internally flush or externally flush connector, providing significant benefits for Completion or Workover Riser applications:

  • Deployment of the GMC connector through; limited diameter Rotary Tables, deck hatches and exiting MODU Texas Deck’s or Moon Pool’s, when compared to other connectors such as flange’s and alike.
  • The small upset or optional externally flush OD of the connector facilitates the ease so that additional control or service lines can be attached to the riser, if required.
  • Reduced individual CWOR spool weight; therefore reduced total riser string weight. (Reduction in both connector and pipe material weight)
  • Standard dual Metal to Metal seal’s satisfying well control requirements for double barriers on all connections with an option for a tertiary seal when the connector is used in conjunction with the GMC patented Pre-load Insert.
    Fatigue resistant design which is further enhanced with the optional use of the GMC patented Pre-load Insert.
  • Fast and efficient connector make up.
  • Individual seal testing can be performed on makeup. providing peace of mind that every seal is sealing, before lowering.
  • Safer – No risk of dropped objects. (No flange bolts, anti rotation keys or associated equipment)