Caisson Replacements

Caissons are used in a variety of applications on offshore production platforms and vessels. Common uses for caissons are Firewater and Seawater Lift, Drain as well as I / J-Tube applications:

  • Firewater
  • Seawater
  • Drain Caissons
  • I-Tubes
  • J-Tubes

Once a caisson has suffered internal and or external corrosion, the caisson then becomes ineffective. The resulting lack of integrity can pose a concern for platform operability and production, as well as the danger of the caisson parting, posing a risk of damage to pipelines and other subsea components.

Caisson Failure Mechanisms and Consequences

Caisson failure is defined as loss of function or serviceability and is attributed to one or more of the following:

  • Poor or Inadequate Design
  • Mechanical Damage/ Degradation (e.g. abrasion or fretting)
  • Corrosion
  • Fatigue (sometimes short remaining life, < 1 year)

Caissons can fail catastrophically resulting in “dropped object” to the seabed with associated implications. In the worst cases, a failed caisson can hit the gas line resulting in gas release and escalation from ignition.

When the decision has been made to replace a caisson, GMC is well positioned and provides to the industry a cold work mechanical connector, as well as complete fabricated pipe sections, to then be joined together offshore at the well site.

GMC’s mechanical connector is a high fatigue and high performing connector that has been designed and engineered for use in various caisson applications.

  • Multiple metal to metal seals; no elastomers
  • Non Rotational Hydraulic make up procedure
  • Quick and reliable make up in around 2 minutes
  • ISO qualified; DNV witnessed and certified
  • Preload spacer to eliminate crevice corrosion
  • Highly configurable to size and material specifications

Working with our clients and approved fabrication facilities and vendors, GMC will manage the fabrication to agreed specifications on size, weight, coating, handling and the installation methodology. Providing the client with a complete caisson product in a timely manner and cost efficiently.

With sizes ranging from 10” to 60”, call us today and discuss your caisson requirements as well as our installation services.