When the decision has been made to replace a corroded or parted caisson, GMC are a reliable partner to provide a cold work caisson replacement and installation service.

We work closely with our clients, basis of design as well as nominated installation contractors. We do this to ensure that the design is fit for purpose and to the agreed specifications and the installation of the caisson for replacement is executed safely and efficiently.

The key components and stages are:

  • GMC high fatigue and high performing cold work Mechanical Connector
  • Procure and manage delivery of caisson pipe to agreed specifications.
  • Management of approved fabrication vendors to fabricate complete caisson sections complete with GMC Mechanical Connectors
  • Provide tooling and equipment for handling and make-up of the connectors
  • Service personnel to liaise with all third parties as well as installation execution and expertise.

GMC’s Mechanical Connector is a high fatigue and high performing connector that has been designed and engineered for use in various caisson applications.

  • Multiple metal to metal seals; no elastomers
  • Non Rotational Hydraulic make up procedure
  • Quick and reliable make up in around 2 minutes
  • ISO qualified; DNV witnessed and certified
  • Preload spacer to eliminate crevice corrosion
  • Highly configurable to size and material specifications

Working with approved fabrication facilities and vendors, GMC manage the fabrication to agreed specifications on size, weight, coating, handling and the installation methodology.

Our service personnel will work closely alongside nominated installation and maintenance contractors to ensure that the installation is executed smoothly. They are our connection specialists ensuring that each connection is made up correctly utilising our make / break tooling before lowering into place.

With make-up and installation time better than conventional welding, less bed space requirements and cost savings, isn’t time you considered a connected approach?

Contact GMC today to discuss your caisson replacement requirements and let us do the rest!