GMC & DNV Present at OTC 2017

January 20, 2017 News

GMC and DNV to jointly present a paper at OTC 2017 on “ Technical and Commercial evaluation of the Connected Steel Risers for Deepwater Applications”. This paper evaluates both the strength and fatigue performance as well as the commercial viability of mechanically connected steel catenary risers for deep-water and high-pressure applications. GMC connector has been qualified to  ISO 21329 requirements and recently concluded DeepStar Phase 12 program looked into coupling high strength steel mechanical connector and pipe for riser applications. However, it is recognized that further study is required to understand the readiness of this technology towards commercialization and in-field reliability. This paper outlines the steps needed for successful field deployment of this technology.

The study considers the global strength and fatigue performance of connected SCRs for a range of water depths from 4,000-10,000ft. The high-pressure performance of the connectors is further evaluated using a local and global finite element model of the system subjected to in-place loads. The same study is replicated for a welded SCR. Case studies comparing the welded and connected SCRs are then used to evaluate the commercial benefits of this technology.

Feasibility of connected riser systems is addressed through selected case studies.  Both the global performance as well as the commercial study indicates the connected systems to be a viable alternative. Few gaps are identified in the paper and possible actions required to address the gaps are discussed. 

The commercial viability of connected risers in deep-water and high-pressure fields is at risk without the development and understanding of its service performance. This comparative technical and commercial study will highlight steps required to enable connected riser options for deep- water field deployments.

DNV has also recently floated a joint industry project (JIP) on Mechanically Connected Pipelines as a follow-up. The first phase of this JIP will leverage some of the extensive connector test data from GMC to assess the state of the technology and prepare a comprehensive connector qualification plan for pipeline service.

See GMC/DNV flyer.