3rd North Sea Caisson Fabrication Contract Awarded to GMC!

December 16, 2016 News

16 DEC 2016

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GMC Limited Wins Additional North Sea Caisson Fabrications Contracts

Reading, UK: GMC Limited announces that following their two recent caisson awards from North Sea Operators, the company has been awarded a third caisson fabrications contract. All three awards will utilise GMC’s unique multi-tooth mechanical connector, specifically designed for replacement caisson applications.

GMC continues to expand its Sea Water Lift (SWL) caisson replacement service in providing Operators with a fully managed caisson fabrication service, including client specific coating requirements, and often working to tight delivery schedules.

SWL caissons are integral to the health and safety of the personnel working on board the platform. Maintenance is a vital part of the offshore routine in order to maintain the integrity of the platforms and safety critical appurtenances that have now exceeded their original design life.

GMC Mechanical Connectors

  • GMC Innovative Technology
  • Cold Work Solution
  • Fast Connection Time
  • High Strength / High Fatigue
  • Decommissioning Option

Using the GMC mechanical connectors mitigates the risks associated with a naked flame, when the caisson spools are welded. A typical weld could take up to four days to make the connection, whereas, the GMC connector takes approximately 30 minutes. This is a drastic reduction in off shore time required

The SWL Caisson replacement project, as a whole, is an example of utilising existing innovative technology to replace traditional installation methods, with the aim of reducing risks offshore. The connectors avoid the need for welding and its associated risks, as well as, reducing the total installation time, which also reduces the shutdown time and improves the economic sustainability of the platform.

Projects of this nature are becoming more frequent and highlight the need for regular inspection and maintenance across the industry, especially at a time when operators are looking to cut costs.

With the GMC Mechanical Connector, Operators now have a safe and efficient fabrication and installation service that delivers considerable cost savings, whilst at the same time, extending the life of aging assets.

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About GMC Limited: GMC Limited is a deepwater products company providing solutions to the SURF industry. GMC’s family of high strength fatigue resistant mechanical connectors has applications in Caissons, TLP Tendons, Pipelines, Risers, and Well Conductors.