Congratulations to our Protea Connector Expert!

November 4, 2016 News

GMC would like to extend a huge congratulations to Protea’s senior service engineer, Bartosz Wilczynski, aka, Whiskey.

Bartosz’s expertise was instrumental in the successful completion of a recent make/break testing of the GMC mechanical connector tooling; the final results of the test rig satisfied the FAT for the Nautilus Minerals mining riser project.

Bartosz has been with Protea for five years as their senior service offshore and hydraulics specialist. He supported GMC on the recent Moho Nord TLP tendon replacement job for 60 days on Hermod (Hermod was his 9th offshore trip for 2016).

Thank you Whiskey for an excellent job!!


Test rig satisfied the FAT for Nautilus Minerals.